On this page, you can find supplementary material for the GSPN semantics for DFTs.

One Net Fits All

A unifying semantics of Dynamic Fault Trees using GSPNs

The translation from DFTs to GSPN is implemented in Storm in version 1.2.1.

The obtained GSPNs can be exported into the project format used by the GreatSPN Editor.

The translation into a GSPN can be enabled in Storm with the commandline flag --gspn and then the export into the GreatSPN Editor format can be triggered with --to-pnpro. An example call would be as follows:

$ storm-dft -dft dft_model.dft --gspn --to-pnpro gspn.pnpro


We provide GSPNs for sample DFTs on our GitHub page.