On this page, you can find supplementary material for the dynamic fault tree analysis of vehicle guidance systems.

Safety Analysis for Vehicle Guidance Systems with Dynamic Fault Trees


The generated DFTs for all 8 scenarios I-VIII are available (in anonymized form) on our GitHub page. The DFTs are provided in a custom JSON format.

The DFTs can be visualized using our DFT GUI. In the GUI, first the corresponding JSON file must be selected and then it can be visualized via the Load button. Further information on the DFT GUI can be found in the documentation.


The fault tree analysis is performed by Storm.

The computation of the failure probability within for example time 10,000 can be performed with the following call:

$ storm-dft -dftjson sc_1.json --firstdep --timebound 100000

(Note that symmetry reduction is applied by default from Storm version 1.5.0 on. In earlier versions, the flag -symred needs to be provided.)

Similarly, the computation of the mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) can be performed with:

$ storm-dft -dftjson sc_1.json --firstdep -mttf

For more details on analysing DFTs with Storm we refer to our documentation.