On this page, you can find supplementary material for the DFT-based analysis approach on routing options in railway station areas.

DFT Modelling Approach for Operational Risk Assessment of Railway Infrastructure


The generated DFTs for the railway stations are available (in anonymized form) on our GitHub page. The DFTs are provided in a custom JSON format.

The DFTs can be visualized using our DFT GUI. In the GUI, the corresponding JSON file first needs to be selected and can then be loaded via the Load button. Further information on the DFT GUI can be found in the documentation.


The fault tree analysis can be performed by Storm.

For example, the unreliability of the train station of Herzogenrath (with scheduled routes and single BEs for components) within 90 days can be computed with:

$ storm-dft -dftjson Herzogenrath_scheduled_single.json --timebound 90 -nosymred

Similarly, the mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) is computed by:

$ storm-dft -dftjson Herzogenrath_scheduled_single.json -mttf -nosymred

For more details on analysing DFTs with Storm we refer to our documentation.